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Our Story

Prep the Page is a Missouri-based, woman-owned professional services firm with decades of experience in helping business thrive and communities succeed.  Prep the Page specializes in helping governments and non-profit organizations in rural communities define and pave a successful path forward.  

Built upon the bedrock of small business development and providing community impact through relevant service as pathways to success,  Prep the Page leverages its network of experts to support public, non-profit and education sector priorities, plans and projects.   


Each client, community and project is unique. What fits a neighboring community may not be the best approach.  Prep the Page analyzes the marketplace and stakeholder base, provides a tailored, facilitated thoughtful approach to planning that doesn't eat up time or budget, and then delivers the relevant, appropriate tools to the community and organization so their goals can be implemented and executed effectively and efficiently.  








Note from Managing Director:

For almost 30 years, I've been serving communities to help them develop and execute effective business services and community development. 


It's my experience that every community has capacity to thrive and grow, but its a challenge to find the professional and financial resources to leverage the personal passion each community stakeholder has to see their community succeed. 


In 2018,  Prep the Page was founded to provide that missing link in professional, customized service and to introduce communities and service-based organizations to the resources necessary to help them achieve their objectives.  

My goal is to provide value in service and to give community leaders the tools necessary to grow community vitality and drive economic impact.

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