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Strategic planning helps governments and organizations articulate their vision, set short-term and long-range goals, and internally execute effectively as a team.  Whether looking ahead, starting a project, connecting a market, or building a program- a great plan provides a practical guide to robust community development and economic growth. 


For 25 years, Prep the Page experts have been leading communities and organizations to develop relevant, functional, well-articulated plans.  With our simple, straightforward process, Prep the Page analyzes the marketplace and stakeholder base, provides a tailored, facilitated thoughtful approach to planning that doesn't eat up time or budget.





​Data surrounds us.  Informed decision-making to expend public or donor dollars for infrastructure investments, to create programs, develop markets, and to address community need is grounded by qualified information.  Finding a reliable third-party for data research, study and analysis can be frustrating. Translating data into something truly useful requires an experienced perspective. 


Prep the Page conducts research, performs expert analysis, and provides well-articulated reporting that is well qualified, digestible and easily communicated to community leaders and project stakeholders.  The firm understands well governmental, community, organizational and economic dynamics in a number of different markets and industry sectors.  Leveraging that knowledge-base, study results provide intelligent, third-party insight customized to the client and circumstance. 





Implementing a sustainable service or program takes understanding the marketplace to responsibly execute relevant, program development.  Sustainable programs are built upon a strong operational foundation that allows the organization to pivot and adapt to meet both service and market expectations, encourage accountability, and increase economic opportunity. 

Economic Development is defined by the community it serves. Prep the Page LLC has a decades-long background in developing and implementing effective, sustainable organizational administration and economic development programs that provide real value to stakeholders and real results for community and business. 





In today's environment, local governments and organizations perform on lean staffing. Whether its executing a specific project or providing management and support to help build and grow a service-based program, contracting someone to provide support leverages professional experience to be part of the government or local team. 


In every aspect of providing programmatic service and project execution, Prep the Page can help develop, manage and support business, community, and economic development programs in rural communities.  The Prep the Page tag-line is "grow business, build community, empower people". The company brings attention, focus, support and management to help reach goals and program objectives.


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